Binance Coin Forecast until 2030

Binance Coin Forecast until 2030

The Binance Coin (BNB) first came onto the market in 2017 as part of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and has since been able to achieve a remarkable development. However, a considerable part of the 200 million coins has since been Bitcoin Supersplit burnt in several phases, as the founders wanted to encourage a rapid price increase in this way.

The plan worked and there is no denying that the Binance Coin, built using the ERC20 token standard, is now one of the most interesting altcoins.

Like Bitcoin and other coins, it is considered a means of payment, but it is also the native coin of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. So far, the price development looks good and many investors are therefore wondering how the Binance Coin will develop until 2030. I would like to answer this question in this article.

Current Binance Coin valuation

Before you consider the Binance Coin as an investment, you should first get an overview to better assess the opportunities and risks of the cryptocurrency. Basically, there is no denying that the Binance Coin has great potential, which can be seen in the price development alone.

While the altcoin was still trading at 0.1 cents per coin during the ICO, one BNB is now worth over 270 US dollars. It can also be said that the Binance Coin is not one of the riskiest investments in the field, despite the high volatility that is common among cryptocurrencies.

This is due, among other things, to the fact that the operating status is stable and the coin is generally convincing from a technical point of view. Another aspect that must be credited to the Binance Coin is the usefulness of the cryptocurrency. Unlike some other altcoins, it is demonstrably a digital currency that is used for different purposes. Besides being used on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, the BNB is also used for salaries, credit card payments, travel expenses and virtual gifts.

In addition, the team behind the Binance Coin is striving to design further usage scenarios to make the altcoin a fully-fledged means of payment. Not to mention the various burnings, collaborations and updates. All these efforts are an indication that the Binance Coin will play a role in the world of cryptocurrencies for a long time to come.

Since this view is shared by experts all over the world, you can consider investing in BNB in principle. However, you must be aware that the risk is above average, unlike most other forms of investment, but this also applies to the potential return.

Bitcoin-Preis vor endgültigem Widerstand vor 68.000 USD?

Bitcoin ist wieder sehr nahe an neuen Allzeithochs, aber es kann einige Zeit dauern, bis die letzte Hürde überwunden ist.

Der Preis von Bitcoin ( BTC ) hat diese Woche bisher keine neuen Allzeithochs über 60.000 US-Dollar erreicht

Nach dem Ausbruch über 58.000 USD negative Nachrichten aus Indien sowie allgemeine makroökonomische Schwäche und der sich erholende US-Dollar scheint die Rallye gestoppt zu haben.

Dies führte am 16. März zu einem Rückgang in Richtung 53.000 USD. Ein solcher Schritt ist normal, da sich die Bullenmärkte normalerweise in Wellen bewegen. Mit anderen Worten, der Markt wird ein neues Gleichgewicht zwischen Käufern und Verkäufern finden, wonach er entscheiden wird, wohin er als nächstes gehen soll.

Insgesamt befand sich der Markt in einem deutlichen Aufwärtstrend, da der Preis von Bitcoin Hero in nur sechs Monaten von 11.000 USD auf 60.000 USD gestiegen ist.

Bitcoin kann 60.000 US-Dollar nicht brechen

Das Vier-Stunden-Diagramm zeigt eine offensichtliche Unterstützung bei 53.000 USD, die erneut gehalten wurde. Die anschließende Fortsetzung nach oben ist auf dem Vier-Stunden-Chart von Bitcoin zu sehen.

Diese Fortsetzung nach oben stieß dann auf den nächsten großen Widerstand bei 58.800 bis 60.000 USD. Dies ist die letzte wichtige Widerstandsstufe, bevor die nächste Impulswelle in Richtung 68.000 USD eintreten kann.

Der Preis von Bitcoin konnte diese Widerstandszone jedoch gestern nicht durchbrechen, was ihn in Richtung seiner vorherigen Spanne zurückgedrängt hat. Der obere Bereich dieses Bereichs liegt zwischen 58.800 und 60.000 US-Dollar, während der untere Unterstützungsbereich zwischen 54.000 und 55.000 US-Dollar und 53.000 US-Dollar liegt.

Der Druck wird wahrscheinlich zunehmen, was zu einem Ausbruch nach oben führt, solange der Preis von Bitcoin in diesem Bereich bleibt.

BTC / USD bleiben im täglichen Zeitrahmen optimistisch

Der Tages-Chart für BTC / USD zeigt einen starken Aufwärtstrend, der seit sechs Monaten der Fall ist. Dies wurde durch höhere Tiefs und höhere Hochs bestätigt. Da das jüngste Tief bei 42.000 USD lag, bedeutet ein Preis über diesem Niveau, dass der Bullenmarkt nicht in Gefahr ist.

Andererseits zeigt der relative Stärkeindikator (RSI) eine rückläufige Divergenz, wenn auch immer noch ungültig. Die bärische Divergenz wird gültig, sobald frühere Widerstandszonen wieder zu Widerständen werden, und was noch wichtiger ist, sobald der Preis für Bitcoin beginnt, niedrigere Tiefststände zu erreichen.

Daher ist die 50.000-Dollar-Region ein entscheidender Bereich, den man beobachten sollte, da dies die neue Region mit höherem Tiefstand werden sollte. Selbst wenn 50.000 US-Dollar verloren gehen, liegt der letzte Anker der Unterstützung bei 42.000 US-Dollar und dem 21-Wochen-MA.

Solange diese Regionen bestehen, sollte sich der Aufwärtstrend fortsetzen. Dies sollte den Preis von Bitcoin auf 68.000 US-Dollar bringen, da dies das nächste Fibonacci-Level ist, das es zu beobachten gilt.

Buy and short Gamestop stocks with Bitcoin? This is now possible – thanks to FTX

This David versus Goliath story is currently turning Wall Street upside down: An army of Reddit users has been causing a price explosion for the ailing company Gamestop for days. It bankrupts large hedge funds; it makes individuals very rich.

If you still want to get in, you can now do so via Bitcoin thanks to FTX – and also against the GME rate

Last spring, Gamestop (GME) stock wasn’t even worth $ 3. The gaming company behind it has been stumbling for years, missed the connection to online business and invested money incorrectly. On January 4th, a good three weeks ago, the share was worth just under 18 US dollars and had gained around 500 percent in ten months. Very few could have guessed that this was just the beginning. However, a group of users of the anonymous social network Bitcoin Future platform tried everything to ensure that the price of the ailing company continues to rise. In the meantime it stood at 482.85 US dollars (high January 28), so it has gained over 15,000 percent. In less than a year. But how did that happen?

In any case, the price explosion is not due to good news from the company, for one year one bad news has followed the next, first hundreds of branches are closed here, then millions in losses are announced there. The online magazine Slate established the latest bull markettherefore not with the “greatest comeback story in the history of the free market economy”. Rather, the development is „symptomatic of financial life in 2021“. The development of the Gamestop share is representative of the “democratization of financial trading” and the “power of the gigantic online communities”. What the latter are capable of was only seen a few weeks ago in the storming of the Capitol in Washington DC, when Trump supporters and conspiracy mythics stormed the barricades waving QAnon and Pepe-the-Frog flags.

Gamestop: Reddit vs. Wall Street

Now, a particularly popular branch of the large online community Reddit has taken on Wall Street’s hedge funds. In particular, users of the 4.3 million strong subreddit r / wallstreetbets agreed to beat institutional investors at their own gun (and make a fortune on the side). The Reddit user u / Player896 had the idea last September. In r / wallstreetbets he published his seven-part plan: “Driving institutional investors to ruin for dummies – using Gamestop”. He had found that the Gamestop stock had enormous short positions on the part of institutional investors. If he and his Reddit network managed to get the stock up a little now, the hedge funds would be forced to abandon their short positions and buy back their shares – thereby increasing the price.

The highlight: The plan works. And: Even with the above-mentioned price increases, Reddit users are still convinced that there is still a lot of room for improvement at Gamestop – there is talk of up to 5,000 US dollars per share. u / DeppFuckingValue is probably the best-known r / wallstreetbets user and is treated like royalty in the subreddit. He got in at just under $ 15,000 at a rate of around $ 3.50, and his shares are now worth almost $ 48 million – and he still holds . And while some shareholders got very rich in a very short space of time, it also had the desired effect of driving institutional investors with large short positions into bankruptcy.

Melvin Capital, for example, has already cost around 30 percent of its capital at the current price rally . Even a rescue package amounting to 2.75 billion US dollars, which the hedge funds Citadel and Point72 has made available to Melvin Capital so far, could not save the institutional investor from bankruptcy. On January 22nd alone, Gamestop Shorter lost $ 1.6 billion in capital. And how does it continue? According to some analysts, the bull market cannot last and is predestined for a hard crash. That calls again for shorters who smell the quick money. And this time the crypto space is also part of the party.

After Lagarde’s words, Bitpanda’s CEO says that Bitcoin cannot be seen from the same angle as fiat money

Eric Demuth, CEO and founder of Bitpanda, came out to answer Lagarde’s statements on regulating Bitcoin and cryptomonies

The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, recently reiterated her insistence on regulating Bitcoin and other cryptosystems, as well as the future of digital assets. In this context, Eric Demuth, CEO and founder of Bitpanda, went out to answer these statements.

„Lagarde makes good points about regulation and the need to eliminate any ‚funny business‘ and illegal actions. (…) Bitpanda has always been adamant about compliance with legislation and regulatory measures in all markets in which we operate. Regulation is critical to the maturity of a new asset class. If Europe adopts a smart regulatory approach, it has the opportunity to become the leader in this new technology,“ said Demuth.

Bitpanda discusses whether it’s worth landing in Latin America
He added: „Regulation is one of our top priorities and we value its importance in preventing and driving bad players out of the market. However, we cannot see Bitcoin from the same angle as fiat money“.

„Unlike fiat currencies, such as the euro or the US dollar, the value of Bitcoin is not defined by a single entity such as a central bank – it is defined by supply and demand – or in simpler terms, by the price people are willing to pay for it. Bitcoin is a store of value, an enhanced version of gold for the digital age,“ remarked Bitpanda’s CEO.

Bitpanda CEO says the days of indifference about Bitcoin are over
For Demuth, Bitcoin has been the best performing asset in the last decade: „Given how young this asset class is, and therefore how low its market capitalisation is compared to gold, it’s incredible to see how the industry has developed. The top US asset managers understood the implications of Bitcoin in 2020, and the importance of having this new asset in their portfolio.

„In all honesty, I strongly believe that the ECB should consider adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet, something that I believe will be inevitable in the near future,“ Demuth concluded.

Satoshi’s breakthrough: How the Difficulty Adjustment is driving the bitcoin rally

According to asset manager Stone Ridge, Bitcoin’s Difficulty Adjustment is outstanding innovation.

Why flexible mining Difficulty Adjustment is so important for the network.

Gradually, then suddenly. The bon mot of the Bitcoin scene translated into German means something like: „Gradually, and then suddenly“. The recent price rally proves that the description of a possible bull scenario was not completely pulled out of thin air. While Bitcoin Hero gained about 300 percent in 2020, it was already 41 percent in the first eight days of the new year. Bitcoin is currently trading at $41,500. If BTC continues to grow at the same pace, the No. 1 cryptocurrency’s value could break through the $300,000-plus mark before the end of the year.

What some consider a pipe dream is already considered a foregone conclusion in the scene.

Capital managers discover bitcoin

In the meantime, however, the good news is also getting through to institutions from the traditional financial sector. Asset manager Stone Ridge, for example, recently published an extensive study on Bitcoin in its stock market letter to shareholders. In it, the author outlines Bitcoin’s value proposition with unexpected precision. What makes good money, he says, is its ability to be transferable across space and time. Gold has been the primary store of value for the past 5,000 years because the precious metal’s scarcity has made it extremely stable in value. But Bitcoin, according to the author, performs this function even better. And more: in addition, BTC is much more liquid than gold, as it can be sent around the globe in no time.

Bitcoin is the first store of value in history where supply is completely independent of increased demand. From this perspective, Bitcoin is better than gold – it is even more tradable over time.

So the same arguments that Bitcoiners have been making for some time are now filtering through to the realm of traditional finance.

Innovation Difficulty Adjustment

According to the author, the real innovation that Satoshi achieved in the design of his peer-to-peer electronic cash system was the integration of the Difficulty Adjustment. This ensures that even in the event of excess demand, no more BTC can be issued than specified. The limit is 21 million coins, of which 88 percent are currently already in circulation.

The Difficulty Adjustment, in my opinion, is Satoshi’s most underrated breakthrough, a truly ingenious application of game theory, and the fundamental reason why the Bitcoin network has always been secure. Stone Ridge

With a flexible mining Difficulty, the network remains secure, completely independent of the number of miners as well as the hash rate flowing into the network. The algorithmic inflation rate, probably Bitcoin’s strongest value proposition, is also secured by the Difficulty Adjustment.

Even in times of increasing demand for Bitcoin, Bitcoin miners have no way to mine Bitcoin faster. This makes unexpected inflation impossible. Forever. Stone R

Not surprisingly, the asset manager invested $115 million in Bitcoin back in October last year.

La ballena de Bitcoin mueve 350 millones de dólares mientras Bitcoin rompe 30.000 dólares

  • Bitcoin rompe la marca de los 30.000 dólares para establecer un nuevo récord
  • Una entidad desconocida mueve Bitcoin por más de 350 millones de dólares

Los criptógrafos y especuladores están animando a Bitcoin a lo largo de un mes. En medio de la concentración, un gran poseedor de Bitcoin, popularmente conocido como la Ballena de Bitcoin, transfirió 12.000 Bitcoins o el equivalente a 350.442.906 dólares de una cartera desconocida a otra cartera desconocida a medida que Bitcoin se acercaba a los 30.000 dólares.

Según los datos de Whale Alert, un avanzado rastreador criptográfico, tras el último rally de Bitcoins, un titular desconocido transfirió 12.000 BTC. La transferencia se realizó el 2 de enero cuando un Bitcoin se negoció por aproximadamente 29.160 dólares.

Bitcoin establece un nuevo récord

El vertiginoso rally de Bitcoin, que comenzó durante las vacaciones de Navidad y se extendió hasta el Año Nuevo, ha visto a Bitcoin romper la marca de los 30.000 dólares por primera vez. La pionera criptografía procedió a establecer un nuevo récord histórico de 34.608 dólares. En las últimas 24 horas, Bitcoin ha visto un volumen de operaciones de 85 millones de dólares.

En el lado opuesto

  • No sólo el precio de Bitcoin está creciendo a pasos agigantados, sino que los casos de uso de la cripto-moneda número uno crecen a la par.
  • El 31 de diciembre de 2020 el multimillonario mexicano, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, anunció que están trabajando en la creación de una plataforma que integrará Bitcoin como medio de pago en el sistema bancario mexicano.
  • Los linieros ofensivos de los Panthers de Carolina, Russell Okung ha aceptado que se le paguen unos 6 millones de dólares de su salario anual a través de Strike para comprar inversiones de Bitcoin.
  • Añadiendo a la creciente lista, los inversores americanos y los gestores de fondos de cobertura, Paul Tudor Jones y Stanley Druckenmiller lo respaldaron como un activo alternativo, sumándose a la huelga.

¿Qué significa el movimiento?

En general, las personas que tienen más de 1.000 Bitcoin se consideran ballenas de Bitcoin. No sólo los individuos entran en esta categoría sino también las empresas e inversores institucionales que han respaldado y están utilizando Bitcoin como opción de pago. Dado que se desconocen las direcciones de las carteras, es casi imposible establecer a qué categoría pertenecen las ballenas.

La última manifestación de Bitcoin continúa en medio de una ola de interés de inversores institucionales y bancos centrales de todo el mundo. Bitcoin no sólo está respaldado para continuar la tendencia alcista en los próximos días, muchos especuladores creen que con el aumento del interés global, sino que también procedería a consolidarse como el almacén de valor del futuro.

Bitcoin regresa por encima de los USD 28K, Altcoins envían señales alcistas

El precio de Bitcoin Circuit extendió su aumento por encima de los USD 27,500 y USD 28,000.

Ethereum volvió a probar la región de resistencia de USD 745, XRP no pudo superar los USD 0.250.

El DOT se mantuvo en una fuerte tendencia alcista e incluso subió por encima del nivel de USD 7,00.

Después de una pequeña disminución, el precio de bitcoin comenzó un nuevo aumento por encima de los niveles de USD 26,500 y USD 27,000. Más importante aún, BTC rompió el nivel de resistencia de USD 27,250. El precio incluso se disparó por encima de los USD 28.200 y actualmente (05:00 UTC) está consolidando ganancias.

Del mismo modo, hubo movimientos positivos en la mayoría de las principales altcoins. ETH / USD se negoció por encima de la resistencia de USD 735, pero luchó nuevamente para despejar la zona de resistencia de USD 745. XRP / USD completó una corrección al alza cerca de USD 0.250 y disminuyó a USD 0.195.

Capitalización de mercado total

Hubo un aumento constante en el precio de bitcoin por encima de los niveles de resistencia de USD 27,000 y USD 27,250. BTC incluso subió por encima del nivel de USD 27,800 y se disparó por encima de la zona de USD 28,000. Sin embargo, no hubo una continuación alcista por encima de los USD 28.250 y el precio se corrigió unos puntos a la baja.

En el lado negativo, un soporte inicial está cerca del nivel de USD 27,800. El primer soporte clave está cerca del nivel de USD 27.500. El soporte principal ahora se está formando cerca de USD 27,250 (la zona de ruptura reciente).

Precio de Ethereum

El precio de Ethereum también siguió a bitcoin y subió por encima de los niveles de resistencia de USD 720 y USD 730. ETH incluso rompió los USD 740, pero luchó por continuar más alto por encima de la resistencia clave de USD 745. Se corrigió a la baja por debajo de los USD 740, pero hay muchos apoyos a la baja.

Se ve un soporte inicial a la baja cerca del nivel de USD 725. El soporte de ruptura clave podría ser USD 720 a corto plazo, por debajo del cual el precio podría volver a visitar la zona de soporte de USD 700.

Bitcoin cash, litecoin y precio XRP

El precio en efectivo de Bitcoin subió más del 5% y superó los niveles de USD 340 y USD 350. BCH ahora cotiza por encima del nivel de USD 350. Parece que los alcistas apuntan a una nueva prueba del nivel de USD 365. Cualquier otra ganancia podría marcar el ritmo para un impulso hacia el nivel de resistencia de USD 380 en el corto plazo.

Litecoin (LTC) se está consolidando por encima de los niveles de USD 122 y USD 125. Una resistencia inmediata está cerca del nivel de USD 132. La primera resistencia clave está cerca del nivel de USD 135. Una ruptura clara por encima del nivel de USD 135 posiblemente abra las puertas para un aumento constante hacia el nivel de USD 142.

Precio XRPcorregido al alza bruscamente por encima de USD 0,220 y USD 0,232. Sin embargo, no logró ganar impulso por encima de USD 0,250 y comenzó una nueva caída. Recortó la mayor parte de sus ganancias y se negoció por debajo de los niveles de soporte de USD 0,210 y USD 0,200. Parece que el precio podría continuar moviéndose hacia la zona de soporte de USD 0.180.

Elon Musk twiitit Bitcoinista: sulkeutuminen toiseen twiittiin tammikuusta?

Bitcoinista on tullut osa valtavirran mediaa. Vaikka on voinut olla outoa twiittata ja keskustella bitcoinista muutama vuosi sitten, viimeisten kuukausien aikana näimme kasvavan määrän joitain vaikutusvaltaisimmista luvuista ja yritykset puhuvat siitä.

Elon Musk on veteraani Bitcoin-kommentaattori , ja hänen tiedetään myös kommentoivan joitain muita kryptovaluuttoja, vaikka on kulunut jonkin aikaa siitä, kun hän viimeksi twiitti jotain BTC: stä.

Tänään, rauhallisen viikonlopun huipulla, Musk twiitti seuraavat:

Välittömästi twiittinsä jälkeen bitcoinin hinta nousi melkein 200 dollarista 23 800 dollariin, mikä oli entinen kaikkien aikojen korkein torstaina.

Kaksikymmentä minuuttia myöhemmin, ja Musk twiitti vastauksen alkuperäiseen twiittinsä sanoen, että hän „Vitsit vain, kuka tarvitsee joka tapauksessa turvallisen sanan !?“

Tammikuussa Bitcoin ei ollut hänen turvallinen sanansa

Muskin twiitit tunnetaan epämääräisyydestään, olipa hän sitten twiitannut liian kalliista TSLA-osakkeista, Dogecoinista tai SpaceX: stä.

Nykyinen twiitti liittyy kuitenkin jotenkin hänen edelliseen, kun hän puhui myös ensisijaisesta kryptovaluutasta.

Kymmenen päivää kuluvaan vuoteen 2020 mennessä Musk twiitti, että „Bitcoin ei ole minun turvallinen sanani“. Jos olisit huomannut päivämäärän tänään, se on täsmälleen kymmenen päivää ennen vuoden 2020 loppua. Tammikuussa bitcoin kävi kauppaa noin 8 000 dollarilla. Toisen twiittinsä kirjoittamisen jälkeen bitcoin käy kauppaa 23800 dollaria päivässä sen jälkeen kun se on asettanut kaikkien aikojen korkean tason 24200 dollaria.

Kuten aina, hänen twiittinsä jättää noin 40 miljoonaa Twitter-seuraajaa esittämään kysymyksiä, ja epäilemättä Bitcoinin voitto olla jälleen kerran niin valtavan yleisön edessä.

On myös mielenkiintoista nähdä, mihin hinnat täältä tulevat ja jos kryptovaluutta menee toisen vaikuttavan jalan läpi.

Prévision du prix des bitcoins : BTC/USD prend une pause alors que les taureaux et les ours envisagent la prochaine étape

Prévision du prix des bitcoins (BTC) – 20 décembre 2020

Le 16 décembre, suite à l’effondrement du prix psychologique de 20 000 dollars, le marché a continué à se maintenir. L’effondrement propulse le prix à un nouveau sommet de 24 000 dollars. À l’inverse, si les taureaux n’ont pas réussi à franchir la résistance de 20 000 $, la pièce subira une réaction baissière.

La pièce connaîtra une correction plus importante.

  • Niveaux de résistance : 23 000 $, 24 000 $, 25 000
  • Niveaux de soutien : 13 000 $, 12 000 $, 11 000
  • CTB/USD – Graphique quotidien

L’éclatement du 16 décembre a signalé la reprise du marché haussier. Les taureaux ont également soutenu la tendance à la hausse car il aurait pu y avoir une vente importante, Bitcoin ayant testé la résistance à 24 000 $. Au cours du week-end, le prix est passé à 24 200 dollars et s’est replié. Néanmoins, au cours des cinq derniers jours, le BTC/USD s’est négocié de manière marginale. Il n’y a pas eu de mouvement de prix significatif. La pièce maîtresse a fluctué entre 23 200 et 24 000 dollars. Pendant ce temps, le Bitcoin se négocie toujours au-dessus de la fourchette de 80 % du stochastique quotidien, ce qui indique que la pièce est dans une forte dynamique haussière.

Lecture de l’indicateur Bitcoin (BTC)

Le stochastique quotidien et le RSI ont tous indiqué que Bitcoin se négocie dans la zone de surachat du marché. La condition de surachat implique que le BTC pourrait baisser. Cependant, dans le cas du stochastique journalier, la condition de surachat pourrait ne pas tenir dans une tendance forte. Dans le cas de l’indice de force relative, il mesure la force de la tendance actuelle et permet de savoir s’il y a suffisamment de place pour qu’un prix puisse se redresser. Lorsque le RSI atteint la zone de surachat, il peut ne pas y avoir de place pour un rallye des prix.

CTB/USD – Graphique quotidien

Le prix du bitcoin s’échange et a atteint 23 928 dollars au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes. Le prix peut re-tester ou casser la résistance de 24 000 $. Lors de la précédente action sur le prix, la CTB a atteint un sommet de 24 200 $ et s’est retirée. En attendant, si le récent sommet est cassé de manière convaincante et que la dynamique haussière est maintenue, la crypto devrait atteindre la barre des 25 000 $.

The bonds of the second largest Chinese bank… buyable in bitcoins!

Bitcoin, a safe bet? – Who would have thought to read that a few years ago, when the whole economic and financial system didn’t care about cryptocurrencies? Yet it is indeed true. China Construction Bank will raise funds. And hold on tight! In addition to the US dollar, it will gladly accept Anon System.

A digital issue of bank bonds

According to an article in the South China Morning Post newspaper, the big bank China Construction Bank will launch a sale of a total of $ 3 billion of bonds on blockchain .

The Chinese banking giant has partnered with Hong Kong-based fintech company Fusang . The latter will allow, on its eponymous crypto-exchange, the distribution of this digital title .

These “blockchain” bonds allow a certain democratization of the investor public who can access them. Listing these digitized bonds via blockchain allows them to be issued at lower costs , reducing intermediaries and their commissions.

Thus, equivalents in traditional form would be sold for several tens of thousands of yuan each (more than 1,500 dollars ), which rather reserves them for professional or wealthy investors. However, here, the bonds of the China Construction Bank can be subscribed from a minimum of 100 dollars each only.

“If this sale is successful with investors, Fusang hopes to work with the public bank on issuance in other currencies, including the yuan. » – Henry Chong, CEO of Fusang

When bitcoins get embedded

The other incredible peculiarity that makes this bond sale unique is that the China Construction Bank will accept both classic US dollars and bitcoins .

The vouchers can be exchanged freely on the Fusang Exchange , authorized by the financial regulator of Labuan, Malaysia .

“We believe this will be the start of cryptos 2.0: the true institutionalization of digital assets. “ – Henry Chong

These digital bonds will be open for trading starting this Friday, November 13 . A first tranche of 58 million dollars of bonds will be issued, intended for both individual and institutional investors .

Given that this is traditional finance (not DeFi), you should not, on the other hand, not expect an exceptional interest rate . It will only be 0.75% , which is still three times the current standard interbank rate ( Libor ) for this kind of bond (which is only 0.25%).