Experience Next-Gen Gaming with Metagame Industries‘ Abyss World!

• Metagame Industries and Mysten Labs have partnered to create Abyss World, a web3-based action role-playing game.
• Abyss World is backed by AMD, Microsoft, and IGN, and will be the first AAA-level action role-playing open world game in web3.
• This partnership allows both companies to introduce next-generation gaming experiences to both web2 and web3 users.

Partnership Announced Between Metagame Industries and Mysten Labs

Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company and initial developer of the Sui Layer 1 blockchain, has announced a partnership with Metagame Industries, an interconnected web3 gaming ecosystem. Through this partnership, Metagame Industries will build Abyss World on Sui – a first-of-its-kind action role-playing video game that is backed by AMD, Microsoft, and IGN.

Introduction of Next Generation Gaming Experiences

The goal of this collaboration is for Metagame Industries to leverage Sui’s holistic blockchain infrastructure to provide players with an immersive and valuable next generation gaming experience that seamlessly bridges and unites web2 and web3 users. The development of Abyss Worlds on Sui will bring these two worlds one step closer together through high quality games at scale.

Plans For Expansion Ahead Of Launch

Metagame Industries has announced plans to expand its team, further develop its game product, and increase marketing efforts prior to the launch of Abyss World’s open beta version in Q3 2023. Early holders of Abyss World’s NFTs will have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of game content as well as reap exciting rewards.

Mission Of Mysten Labs

Mysten Lab’s mission has always been to bring next-generation web3 games to their budding community; this partnership with Metagame Industries highlights their focus on working with world class developers to deliver innovative games within the Sui ecosystem.

Excitement From Both Companies

CEO Joe Zu from Metagame industries expressed excitement about leveraging Sui’s technology “to provide players with a next generation gaming experience” while CEO Evan Cheng from Mysten labs emphasized how the collaboration “will bring us one step closer” towards their mission statement of bringing quality games into their community.