North Macedonia Becomes Most Popular Country for Shiba Inu: Google Trends

• North Macedonia is now the most popular country for Shiba Inu memecoin, according to Google Trends.
• Dogecoin still outperforms SHIB in terms of total average interest over time.
• The sudden popularity of the memecoin SHIB in North Macedonia may be an indication of the global reach of cryptocurrency.

North Macedonia Popular for Shiba Inu

Google Trends reported that North Macedonia, a landlocked country in Southeast Europe, became the most popular country for Shiba Inu memecoin. Recently, searches for the coin SHIB in North Macedonia have skyrocketed, surpassing those of any other country in the world.

Dogecoin vs SHIB

Dogecoin still outperforms SHIB in terms of the total average of interest over time. But the significant fact to notice is that SHIB is already on the fast race track with Dogecoin. At the time of writing, the trading price of SHIB is around $0.00001049, with a decline of 0.64%. The trading volume of the coin also witnessed a decline of around 38.40% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

Global Reach

The sudden popularity of memecoin SHIB in North Macedonia may be an indication of its global reach and people’s increasing interest in decentralized finance worldwide. CNBC even argues that this year will see Shiba Inu outperform Dogecoin (DOGE).

BONE Token Listing Exchanges

Shiba Inu’s governance token BONE continues to gain attention from exchanges and could soon list on popular exchanges through community votes and decision-making processes as well as its own unique features like DeFi capabilities and NFT marketplaces opening up possibilities to bring more utility to holders and users alike.

In conclusion, it seems like cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular globally and people are getting more interested than ever before due to its decentralized nature and potential uses like DeFi capabilities or NFT markets which can help drive growth further. With all eyes on Shiba Inu now it will be interesting to see if it can hold onto its current success and continue growing or if another project takes off instead!