Satoshi’s breakthrough: How the Difficulty Adjustment is driving the bitcoin rally

According to asset manager Stone Ridge, Bitcoin’s Difficulty Adjustment is outstanding innovation.

Why flexible mining Difficulty Adjustment is so important for the network.

Gradually, then suddenly. The bon mot of the Bitcoin scene translated into German means something like: „Gradually, and then suddenly“. The recent price rally proves that the description of a possible bull scenario was not completely pulled out of thin air. While Bitcoin Hero gained about 300 percent in 2020, it was already 41 percent in the first eight days of the new year. Bitcoin is currently trading at $41,500. If BTC continues to grow at the same pace, the No. 1 cryptocurrency’s value could break through the $300,000-plus mark before the end of the year.

What some consider a pipe dream is already considered a foregone conclusion in the scene.

Capital managers discover bitcoin

In the meantime, however, the good news is also getting through to institutions from the traditional financial sector. Asset manager Stone Ridge, for example, recently published an extensive study on Bitcoin in its stock market letter to shareholders. In it, the author outlines Bitcoin’s value proposition with unexpected precision. What makes good money, he says, is its ability to be transferable across space and time. Gold has been the primary store of value for the past 5,000 years because the precious metal’s scarcity has made it extremely stable in value. But Bitcoin, according to the author, performs this function even better. And more: in addition, BTC is much more liquid than gold, as it can be sent around the globe in no time.

Bitcoin is the first store of value in history where supply is completely independent of increased demand. From this perspective, Bitcoin is better than gold – it is even more tradable over time.

So the same arguments that Bitcoiners have been making for some time are now filtering through to the realm of traditional finance.

Innovation Difficulty Adjustment

According to the author, the real innovation that Satoshi achieved in the design of his peer-to-peer electronic cash system was the integration of the Difficulty Adjustment. This ensures that even in the event of excess demand, no more BTC can be issued than specified. The limit is 21 million coins, of which 88 percent are currently already in circulation.

The Difficulty Adjustment, in my opinion, is Satoshi’s most underrated breakthrough, a truly ingenious application of game theory, and the fundamental reason why the Bitcoin network has always been secure. Stone Ridge

With a flexible mining Difficulty, the network remains secure, completely independent of the number of miners as well as the hash rate flowing into the network. The algorithmic inflation rate, probably Bitcoin’s strongest value proposition, is also secured by the Difficulty Adjustment.

Even in times of increasing demand for Bitcoin, Bitcoin miners have no way to mine Bitcoin faster. This makes unexpected inflation impossible. Forever. Stone R

Not surprisingly, the asset manager invested $115 million in Bitcoin back in October last year.