Satoshi’s Index Launches NFTs to Sell Software Licenses on Ethereum

• Satoshi’s Index is the first fintech company to use NFTs for software license ownership.
• The project will mint an additional 737 NFTs on February 23rd at .15 ETH each.
• The platform uses individual NFTs to own, trade, and sell a software product.

Satoshi’s Index Becomes First Fintech Company To Use NFTs For Software License Ownership

Satoshi’s Index, the Web3 fintech firm offering automated crypto investments, is relaunching with an upcoming mint, updated platform and a revolutionary new way of authenticating user ownership and permissions – using blockchain-token technology (NFTs). This marks the world’s first recorded use of a token-gated SaaS platform in fintech.

Minting Additional 737 NFTs On February 23rd

The project will mint an additional 737 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on February 23rd at .15 ETH each as part of their continuing efforts to scale and improve the product before raising outside capital investment.

Crowdfunding Platform

Satoshi’s Index has no current outside investment and remains totally crowdfunded by their several thousand strong Discord community, lovingly nicknamed ‚Satoshi’s Disciples‘. This verified group also informs the product roadmap, voting on features such as new exchanges or trading strategies that get added to the platform next.

Unlimited Access To Crypto Investment Platform

Each individual NFT owner receives unlimited access to use Satoshi’s financial dollar-cost averaging products and corresponding cryptocurrency investment platform. The token authenticates ownership by verifying an email address and corresponding wallet address to confirm that said user owns the token.

Revolutionizing Software As A Service

Co-founder Lennox Matsinde stated: “Smart contracts and blockchain technology unlock new disruptive use cases like this which have previously not been possible…the ability to buy and sell software by both license and subscription has enabled us to expedite our growth without needing outside capital.“