Worldcoin Project Launches, Bringing Global Opportunity and Equality in the Age of AI

• The Worldcoin Foundation announced the completion of the protocol’s migration to the OP Mainnet, and unveiled plans to scale Orb sign ups for World ID to global cities.
• The subsidiary minted and released the Worldcoin token (WLD) which is now transactable on the blockchain.
• The Worldcoin project was conceived with the ambition of equitably increasing economic participation and improving access to essential services in a way that’s privacy-preserving, decentralized, open source and centered around humanness.

The Worldcoin Project Launches

The Worldcoin Foundation (the “Foundation”) announced today that the Worldcoin project completed its migration to the OP Mainnet, with plans to scale Orb sign ups for World ID globally. In tandem, its subsidiary minted and released the transactable token (WLD). Co-founded by Sam Altman, Alex Blania and Max Novendstern, this ambitious project was conceived with aims of increasing economic opportunity and enabling global democratic processes in this Age of AI.

OP Mainnet Migration

The Foundation’s successful migration of the protocol to the OP Mainnet marks an important milestone in their mission. This enables users around the world access to a privacy-preserving, decentralized platform where they can securely store their identity information; allowing them access to critical services such as government aid, financial services and healthcare.

Minting & Releasing WLD Token

To facilitate transactions on this new network, a digital currency – WLD – has been created by subsidiary company World Assets Ltd., which was available for beta participants during launch. This token is now officially released across 20 countries worldwide; it functions as a medium of exchange between buyers and sellers within applications built on top of this platform by third parties such as Tools for Humanity (TFH).

World App Release

In line with these developments, TFH also introduced a new version of their app called ‘World App’ – currently allowing individuals who meet legal requirements access to reserve their share of WLD tokens from within their wallets. With continuous updates planned for both protocols moving forward – including support for more languages – more people will be able to join this global network quickly over time without compromising on security or privacy standards.


Overall, these initiatives seek to provide anyone in the world – regardless of background – equitable access into a rapidly growing digital economy through an open source platform that ensures privacy protection centred around humanness; while simultaneously unlocking potentials presented by AI technology